In the Army we were all “green.”

You’re going to see a whole bunch of people thanking Veterans today. Instead of the normal expression of gratitude to those that took the oath to support and defend The Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic…I want to thank them for something slightly different…
Every day military members wake up and do their job, sometimes in far off lands as a unit. In our armed services whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. work together to carry out work that needs to be done. Every day Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, Atheist, and Wiccan service members work together as a team, as one to carry out the mission of this great country. Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Libertarian soldiers, seamen, Marines, and airmen unify to do the tasks that are required of them. 
Don’t get me wrong, the military, like most institutions has had dark times and challenges continuously arise, but the military and its service members throughout history have come together to serve this country and it’s citizens. 
I had the pleasure of serving with great men and women, of all colors, creeds, religions, sexual orientations, economic class, etc. These men and women found ways to overcome differences to work together, to serve together, to fight and bleed and cry together. In the Army, we were all “green.”
So in addition to thanking the men and women that throughout the course of history have raised their right hand and served this country, I want to thank you for also serving as an example of what is possible. In a time of social unrest, based on social, economic, and cultural differences; thank you for serving as an example of what can be accomplished when people overlook differences and instead focus on shared goals, values, and beliefs. 


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