Would the sane people please stand up?

How in the hell did we get here and how do we make the stupid stop? This isn’t ok. This isn’t fine. This, ALL of this needs to stop. It needs to stop now. Not next week. Not next year. Now. Period. Full stop.

But before I get in to that, let’s make a few things very clear…
1.      Racism and bigotry is 100% wrong 100% of the time in 100% of situations. It matters not what race/color/creed/religion/etc. the racist is or what race/color/creed/religion/etc. the recipient(s) of that racism or bigotry is. Calling for the death of or violence against Jews, blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc. is always wrong regardless of who is doing it. Period.
2.      Yes, you are free to march for (as permits allow) and hold disgusting beliefs in this country. However, if you turn to violence you are 100% wrong. If you’re a good little brown shirt wannabe that is marching for white domination and turn to violence, you are 100% not allowed to do that. If you are marching/protesting against those sad little Hitler loving morons and you turn to violence, you are 100% wrong. Period. I would love nothing more than to start beating Nazis and Commies with bats, but we can’t do that in a civilized society. (this does not apply to self-defense)
3.      Stating that one side’s actions are wrong, (e.g. “Those little Nazi pukes were 100% wrong and none of them were “fine” people) does not mean that one supports the other group’s 100% wrong actions. For instance, in Charlottesville the disgusting racist morons that marched their obese and unwashed “superior”  white asses whilst yelling racist things and beating an innocent black man in a parking garage were 110% wrong. I do not need to follow up with a statement regarding how the anarchists and commies morons (note I am not saying that everyone counter protesting fit in to one of these groups) that were counter protesting and blocking streets and starting fights were also 100% wrong. Nor does it mean that I support those equally shitty people by not stating their wrong doings. They both suck.
4.      Defending one horrible group that is 100% wrong in their actions, just because they are either committing those 100% wrong actions against a group that you hate, is also 100% wrong. Period. Also…No ANTIFA is not like the brave men that stormed the beaches of Normandy. Here’s a spoiler…both ANTIFA and the other groups like it AND the Alt-Right are both pro-totalitarian regimes. They are both bad…very, very bad.
Now that those points have been established…
We as a country are so unbelievably divided and it is only going to get worse. Politicians, the media, race pimps, fear mongers, sycophants, useful idiots, partisans, and just downright bad/evil actors want us divided. These people seek clicks, cash, votes, and animus. They prey on fear, angst, and the lowest common denominator. They are all actively working on a daily basis to widen the chasm between all of us…and IT IS WORKING. The fact that seemingly intelligent people can’t even have a conversation any more that involves nuance and differing opinions without it devolving into screams of racism or calling people commies or Nazis or libtards or whatever, is beyond infuriating. That is what these evil people want. We are doing exactly what these morons want us to do. SO STOP.
The worst part is that we brought these monsters to life. For decades we have fed the beast and over the last two years we have ramped that up to the thousandth degree. We have elevated and legitimized morons like Cernovich and Milo. We have given hundreds of hours of screen time and oceans full of ink to give white nationalists, anarchists, and communists a platform. We have moved them from mildew infested basements and shitty coffee joints right in to the middle of Main Street. They existed before, but they were nothing. They were tiny groups of fat dudes huffing and puffing through fake battle drills in the backwoods of Michigan and Arkansas. They were authors of books that sold tens of copies and websites that had almost no traffic. But we had to vilify political enemies. We had to tie Clinton and Trump and every other politician and, even worse private citizens to these evil people and organizations. So we elevated and legitimized these troglodytes to be something to fear. Now they are growing. They are beating and killing innocent people in the street. They are destroying private and public property. They are doing what they never could have done on their own. We made them. We… WE… need to end them.
I am so beyond tired of this never ending tit for tat, you did it first, and everyone else is to blame mentality. I don’t give a rat’s ass which party Lincoln or MLK were affiliated with. I don’t give a damn which party fought against civil rights or founded the KKK. I DON’T CARE. IT DOESN’T MATTER NOW. I don’t care which faction of totalitarian seeking morons started the fights in the streets…THEY ARE BOTH 100% wrong. They are not fine people. Fine people do not realize that they are marching with Neo-Nazi or Communist wannabes and then continue marching with them! Fine people do not associate with people that want to kill Jews or cops or white people or black people or ANY people. Fine people speak out and when necessary fight those people.

It is time for the SANE people to take over. It is time for all of the people that are tired of this to stand up, speak out, and fight. We will not all agree on policy or politics or which bear is best, but we must agree that enough is enough. We must agree to speak with each other, debate ideas, discuss policy, and anything else in an adult and respectful manner. We, the sane ones must not let differing opinions bring us to castigate others as evil just because they have a differing, yet sane opinion. We must use that diversity of thinking and perspective to broaden our own understanding of things. Then we must utilize that combined front to fight back against the actual Nazis, racists, thugs, evildoers, partisans, charlatans, etc., etc. etc. AND then maybe actually fix some of the real issues that need to be remedied.
We need to be able to have productive discussions on memorials, building names, civil rights, and a mile long laundry list of other things. However, if the adults in the room do not stand up now and shepherd those discussions through productive means, we will continue to end up with one faction screaming “kill the police”, one screaming “string up the blacks”, another screaming “kill whitey”, and more blood will be shed, an no progress will be made. Politicians aren’t going to fix it. The people that thrive off of upheaval aren’t going to fix it. The companies that make their money off of viewership and readership aren’t going to fix it. Only we can fix it.
So stand up and be counted. Raise the voice of reason. Fight the stupid hyperbole and ignorant vitriol. Talk to your neighbor, your friend, your political foe. Get past stupid political affiliations. Have productive discussions. Stop spreading stupid one meme or contrived talking point at a time. Do something productive. Speak out against injustice in a factually based and respectful manner. Educate people with facts and reality. Break bread or share a drink with someone that thinks differently than you do. And LISTEN.
I fear the world my young son is growing up in. I fear what new feigned outrage will spurn the next violent outburst. I have no faith in the abilities of the people that we have (continuously) chosen to lead. The onus is on you and me and every other person that hates what these idiots are doing to our country, to actually do more than just casting a vote, complaining on social media, or remaining silent. We must act. We must speak out. This has to start in our homes. This has to start in our communities. This has to start now.

May sanity and strength take over and may these cockroaches either change course or slither back under the rocks from whence they came.


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