I was not born in North Carolina, but I have spent most of my adult life in The Old North State. My first experience in this great state was when I attended East Carolina University and after that I was stationed at Ft. Bragg. After a few years away, the wonderful woman, that would later make the questionable decision to become my wife, and I returned to her hometown of Raleigh. While I was born and raised in Virginia, I now consider North Carolina to be my home.

I am an Army Veteran and an East Carolina Pirate. I love the finer things in life; Eastern NC BBQ (which is a noun, not a verb), Tito’s vodka, craft beers, seersucker, artfully crafted German firearms, sitting my way too white derriere on a sandy beach, our drama queen of a mutt, Dowdy (Yes, I named our dog after Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium),  and of course my unbelievably patient wife.

I have been told I lack a filter and invest too much emotionally in things that continuously let me down (looking at you Chicago Bears and basically every politician). I hate posting things on Facebook and 140 characters are usually not enough to express my many opinions. So after my wife told me for the 23423th time that I should just start a blog, I finally listened.

Soooo…I have opinions…and I plan on ranting about them.





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